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Welcome to the Wine Tek Web Coupon Program

This Web Coupon Program gives you the chance to get to the head of the line for the commercial launch of our Wine Aging Device.  By signing up for our 20% Discount Coupon you can get:

  1. 20% off on the introductory price of our Wine Aging Device.  That is 20% off of whatever is the introductory price that we will be offering during our planned Crowd Funding Event!
  2. Put at the head of the line with other Coupon Holders when you redeem your coupon

Our current plan is to offer the Wine Aging Device at a Retail Price of around $120.  We suspect that we will discount that some during our Crowd Funding Event since our Funders will have to wait a few weeks for delivery.  During our Crowd Funding Event, you can redeem this Coupon and get an additional 20% off!  Furthermore, we will deliver to our Coupon Holders before others who sign up for the Crowd Funding promotion!!

Why will we do this?  Well, by signing up for a Coupon you are telling us that:you are interested and that the price point is of interest to you.  You are not committing to a purchase, but you have looked at the features of the Wine Aging device and that you think this should sell  at the price point we are setting.  That kind of information is of great value to us and our investors.  It lets us know that there are real people out there interested in and supporting our product -- even though it will be a while before the product can hit the market.  That helps us know that we are on the right track and that when we introduce the Commercial Product in a Crowd Funding Event, there will be significant interest.

If you have looked at the features of the Wine Aging Device and you think that it should sell at or about the Retail Price we are thinking, please let us know by signing up for our 20% Web Based Coupon.  We will be happy to offer you a 20% discount for such important information.

To Sign Up for the 20% Web Coupon Program click HERE.