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Welcome to the Wine Tek, LLC Demo Program Page

Wine Tek, LLC, is committed to showing that the Wine Aging Device works by letting potential Users taste test the device.  We know that it is hard to believe that something this simple actually improves the taste of wine.  Hence, we are committed to letting users experience the Wine Aging Device technology in a semi-scientific environment.  We have developed a 5-Position Demo Device that allows users to treat a wine for various times to see just how the flavors and aromas are changed during treating.  You can experience first hand how astringency goes down, flavors come out and aroma changes.  Furthermore, you will see that not everyone agrees what is the optimum time for a particular wine and that sharing of information within the Wine Tek, LLC, Community will improve the experience for everyone.  

Listed below are several folks who have a 5-Postion Demo Device, are trained to do demonstrations and would be happy to show you this exciting new technology.  For the most part, these folks are either part-time or volunteers  They invest their time primarily because they are committed to this program.  Hence, they will need to work with you on availability and timing of your demonstration.  There is, however, some potential to raise money for your wine club, organization or even defray some of your costs by getting involved in the Commission Feature of this Program.  If you are interested in getting a 5-Postion Demo Device and actually doing Demos please contact Ron Stites at:  

To contact someone and schedule a Demo in your area contact one of the trained Demo Providers listed below:

Demo Provider Location Phone email
Stephanie Winchester Arvada, CO (303) 601-5233
Ron Stites Brighton, CO (912) 247-6120