Web 20% Off Coupon for Wine Aging Device

Smaller Mock Up 2 Smaller File.jpg20% Off on the Wine Aging Device

This coupon gives you an addition 20% off on the price of the Wine Aging Device that will soon be offered in a crowd funding event.  A mock up of the first commercial device is show here at the left.  The device will have its own, on-board power supply and timer.  The device will shut itself off after the elapsed time set by the User.  Also included with the Wine Aging Device will be a database app that will alow the User to search "recipes" that have been tried and reported on by other Users in the Wine-Tek, LLC, Community.



Hold on to this coupon and redeem it during the introductory crowd funding event to get an extra 20% off your Pre-ordered Wine Aging Device.  Please, only one coupon per individual.

This coupon is made available compliments of Wine Tek, LLC

This coupon is no longer available.