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Of course you don't believe us...nobody does at first.  We learned this with our first mass demonstration on May 16, 2014.  We invited 45 of our friends to an open house where we used out 5-Position Demo Rig to show how the Device ages wine in minutes.  If you have read our story about how this came about you may have noted that David and Erik couldn't convince their own father and father-in-law without an actual taste test.  This same disbelief was evident in our first public taste test.

On May 16, 2014, the founders of Wine Tek, LLC (Ron Stites and Stephanie Winchester) invited 45 of their friends to a taste testing session.  To make this go quicker and illustrate the variety of tastes that occur over time, a 5-Position Demo Rig had been built.  The idea was to pour one flask as a control and then treat 5 other flasks for various times.  Three testing rigs were used to do the demonstration to the 45 attendees.  They were all convinced that the change in taste was obvious and that the treatment improved the taste of the red wine used.  We have found these same results with all our testing.  We have also found that the optimal time for treatment is a matter of individual taste.  In general, women prefer longer times than men and red wine enthusiasts prefer shorter times than white wine enthusiasts.  

We have concluded from this and other testing data that Users need to "share" their "recipes" for wine treatment in some systematic way.  We have developed a database that is being turned into a Smartphone application for that purpose.  The application will allow Users to match their taste profile with what other Users have experienced.  We have also concluded that we need to show this to a lot of people and let them try it for themselves.  For this we are developing a SuperUser program.  SuperUsers will be allowed to demostrate the technology to potential buyers using the 5-Position Device.  They will "pre-sell" the Electrochemical Wine Aging Device through a crowd funding program ("Kickstarter" being the best known example).

If you are interested in hearing more about the SuperUser program contact Ron or Stephanie at: or 

And finally, we continue to develop scientific and video evidence that this really works.  More will be available in the near future.


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Cyclic Voltgram Showing Electorchemical Tannin Reaction in Red Wine