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On August 16, 2015, Ron Stites demonstrated the Electrochemical Wine Aging Device (see Published Patent Application by clicking here) at the Cedar City, Utah, Wine Club.  Ron used three of the 5-position demo units to demonstrate the device (pictured below) to 25 wine aficionados living in southern Utah.  It was a great time. 


This particular group is especially dedicated to promoting the cultural appreciation of wine.  As you might imagine, this can be a challenge in a venue such as a small city Utah.  The group is hysterically fun while, at the same time, maintaining serious connections to the art and culture of Cedar City.  You should visit the club’s website at: .  You should also visit the Cedar City, Utah, website at: .  You may be surprised to see how a small city in southern Utah manages to support the arts, education and cultural diversity.


The demonstration was performed on a locally purchased Chianti.  The results were very similar to results from many other demonstrations.  The consensus was that the Aging Device improved the taste dramatically.  The likely cause for this improvement is the reduction of astringency coming from tannins (see the “Background Information” in the Patent Application).  As in previous tests, the opinions on how much treatment was ideal varied among users.  Optimal results varied from 10 to 20 minutes.  In general, the female users favored longer treatment times than their male colleagues with at least one favoring 30 minutes of treatment. 

There will be additional follow up with several of the club members as we move toward commercialization of the ageing device.   Several expressed interest in having a commercial device and even in hosting additional demonstrations using their own 5-position demo device. 

Business plans for commercializing the device are being developed.  The approach will likely include efforts by “SuperUsers” who will demonstrate the device and provide follow-up assistance on using the commercial device to obtain optimal results.  We envision the creation of a community of users who share their “recipes” and experiences for using the commercial device through a mobile friendly, web-database. 

We would especially like to thank Larry Chandler, Director & Sommelier, of the Cedar City Wine Club for his assistance in making this event a great success.  Larry’s extensive knowledge of wines and the wine industry, along with his enthusiasm were indispensable in making this a fun and educational experience.  Larry can be reached at:  

Email:  Twitter:  @larrythewineguy

You can keep up with what Larry and the Cedar City Wine Club are up to by following them on Facebook at:

And, of course, we would also like to thank Dan and Page Stites for hosting the event at their home in Cedar City. 

If you are interested in hosting a similar event or otherwise participate in the development and commercialization of this product please contact:


This technology was developed at Stites & Associates, LLC.  The story of how this came about is fascinating and entertaining.  More will be shared later as we proceed toward commercialization.  Stites & Associates, LLC, is a group of technical professionals who work with clients to improve laboratory performance and evaluate and improve technology by applying good management judgment based on objective evidence and sound scientific thinking.  For more information on SALLC see:


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