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This Blog Posting was first posted on the Tek-Dev Technology Blog on 1/5/2014.

Stites & Associates, LLC, (SALLC) has patented an electrochemical device for accelerated aging of wine.  It mimics the natural aging process, but accomplishes in minutes what can take years in a bottle.  Because it mimics the natural process, it is applicable to the wines that are normally amenable to aging – essentially “young” red wines.  SALLC has constructed a bottle-sized prototype and tested it.  The results were very positive.  The device softened the taste of the red wine tested, much like what would have been expected with several years of aging.

The technology is clearly amenable to the consumer market.  The prototype was very portable, weighing only a few ounces and powered by a 9 volt battery.   The bottle-sized prototype is pictured below:

Original Prototype.jpg

The technology can be easily scaled up for use in large, winery-sized batches. 

In 2014, SALLC will be working on additional characterization of the device and its effect on various wines under various conditions.  If you are interested in working with SALLC on this exciting development please contact Ron Stites at:


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