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This is the latest style that we are shooting for with our Wine Aging Device.  The power supply and controller will be in a brushed aluminum tube and look much like the mock-up shown at the left.  We have sized the power supply such that an 8-bit computer controller (PIC) should fit into the can along with the battery.  The battery pack will load from the top and be held in by a screw cap.  The approximate size (not counting the stopper and electrodes) will be 1.25" OD C 4.25" Long.  The device will have its own count down timing circuit that will display remaining time in minutes and seconds.  It will automatically shut itself off when the User set time expires.  The battery itself could be a single 9 volt transister battery or 3-AAA batteries in a removable plastic cage.  The former will give long life, even without using a computer control chip.  The latter could simplify internal electronics -- especially for a PIC.  Using a PIC, even the smaller capacity AAA batteries could give many hours of continuous service before requiring a battery change.  Final design details will be left up to the engineers that we hire to do "design for manufacturing."

Please let us know your thoughts on this design.



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